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Program designed and offered for kids interrested in paddling for the first time, no matter if they are interrested in racing or just paddling as a conditioning program for another sport disciplines.

In the spring of 2020 the Beginners paddling program for kids 8 - 13 years old starts on April 14th as a part of Junior competitive program.

The paddling season is devided into 4 terms - Spring 1, Spring 2, Summer and Fall:

Spring 1: April 14 -May 3

Spring 2: May 4 - June 28

Summer: June 29 - September 4

Fall: September 7 - October 3


Beginners schedule for Spring 1:

Tue 4 - 5.30pm, Wed 5 - 7pm, Thu 4 - 5.30pm

Beginners schedule for Spring 2:

Mon 5 - 7pm, Tue 4 - 5.30pm, Thu 4 - 5.30pm

Beginners schedule for Summer:

majority of weeks Mon - Fri 8.30 - 3pm (DAY CAMPS AT SHUMWAY LAKE)

  • first 3 weeks of summer we will operate on shorter schedule - more info will be provided soon

Beginners schedule for Fall: will be provided soon

Cost of the program for the whole season: $895 (usage of all boats, paddles, lifejacket, membership fee, coaching fee and insurance is included).

We underastand the challenge of scheduling multiple activities together, that is why we also offer individually set up membership cost based on individual commitment (for example 1x/week during school months, 3x week during summer, etc). The seasonal cost will be individually calculated based on the whole season cost.

Before making a decision and commiting to whole paddling season,

COME OUT AND TRY 1 week OR 3 sessions FOR FREE!!

Contact KCKC Headcoach for registration and more information: