KCKC has a variety of paddling programs for different levels of interest. You'll be able to find the right one based on availability, goals and level of interest! 

aidan Reach beyond the expectation paddler

1. Do you like spending your time in outdoor activities?                

- besides paddling we spend our time with running and hiking.                   

2. Do you spending time on the water?

- our club is located at Shumway lake where we paddle all summer. In the spring and fall sessions we enjoy mixing it up with paddles on the Thompson River and other destination paddles. Our club has been lucky enough to train as well in various locations including San Diego, Nanaimo and we have plans to train in Osoyoos, BC.

3. Do you like multiple fitness activities in your workout?

- to support our performance in paddling our club athletes do lots of running and weight training in the summer, as well as swimming, XC skiing, rock climbing and weight training in the winter. We ran a XC ski training camp at Sun Peaks this past winter to get all our athletes ready for winter training.

4. Are you competitive and are you looking for a new challenge?

- our regattas are designed for all age categories and for novice to experienced athletes to showcase all their hard work and compete against other clubs.

5. Are you looking for a well established and all year round program for yourself or your kids?

- our program is unique and that is continues running year around. Our athletes paddle and train in the summer and then continue to have our KCKC Head Coach support them through cross training in various sports throughout the winter. 

6. Do you want to become a part of a succesfull sport team?

- under coach Stan Marek´s leadership, KCKC became the most sucessfull sprint paddling team in BC and one of the most sucessful clubs on the Pacific Coast. Our athletes are dedicated and enjoy representing KCKC in a variety of club events.

In case you answered "YES" at least one of the questions mentioned above, Kamloops Canoe and Kayak Club is the right place for you to join! Contact our head coach Stan Marek

See our "Programs" section to find more information about our KCKC sprint paddling team and how to become a member today.